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10% off for all orders above 50EUR - use code HANGFIVE
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Signature Fin - D'ND 8.75''

Deflow Fins surf

"This fin has been a long time dream of mine.
A fin where I could find the qualities of D fins I love so much, but at the same time without all this dead area that can at times be problematic.
I came across this template via a friend about a year ago.
It is inspired by legendary master shaper and designer Joe Quigg. I dared to modify it just a bit according to my tastes.
First and foremost this is a “speed fin”, made for trimming with control at high speeds.
It also turns beautifully, letting the board go from side to side, pivot style, or in a more involved way on the rail without problem.
Testing the DND on a variety of boards and conditions, I’m truly amazed at how the fin adapt itself to whatever you can throw at it. Pig, pintail or standard longboard, don’t let its vintage look fool you !
I really hope you will appreciate the DnD and that it will get you back to those wonderful times when things purposes were both functional and aesthetic!"

"Sincerely yours, Clovis Donizetti"